Enterprise Services

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Communications and Collaboration


Hosted Unified Communications and Collaboration(UC) solutions from us deliver communications and collaboration to all team members so that you can work together anytime, on virtually any device, from any location. We provide you with flexible and comprehensive communications capabilities on one platform, from one experienced global provider.


Equip call centre staff with the tools to increase productivity and provide a superior customer service experience. Our solution helps you build a responsive contact centre, improving overall service-agent efficiency and productivity. Give customers more ways to reach you that are convenient to them from phone and email to instant messaging (IM). Increase your customer satisfaction by making it easier for customers to contact you.


We can provide you with an easy-to-use bulk SMS, MMS and email service — a cost-effective, efficient and reliable way to communicate with large groups of people. This self-managed solution makes professional communications easy. And just one simple platform allows you to manage contact data and run everything, from advertising promotions, service alerts and appointment reminders to internal communications.