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Managed Mobility Products


Device Enrolment Services (DES) is a free service that allows you to manage Apple and Samsung devices company-wide with MDM configured out-of-the-box. Streamline and automate the set-up of all new company smartphones and tablets ‘over the air’, with no requirement for Google or iTunes profiles for each user.


Manage mobile devices and apps throughout your entire fleet for optimal security and visibility, regardless of whether devices are personal or company owned. Our MDM solutions lets users access the apps they need without compromising security while reducing the burden on your IT team. Users can work from anywhere, knowing emails, contacts and shared files are protected. MDM is the foundation of your security policy on each smartphone and tablet, with features like remote device wiping in the case of loss or theft.


We offer a range of commercial options when it comes to managing your fleet of existing or new mobile devices and tablets across a number of territories. More and more enterprises are separating their airtime and hardware requirements with a view to maximising their financing options and service requirements. We have a range of solutions available to meet your needs.