Private Networks

Your own private network for ultimate mobility

Why private networks?

We're building on our decades of experience to bring you a dedicated, high-capacity private network. As experts in mobile communications and high-performing networks, we know how important reliable connectivity is to any business, particularly in this digital age.

We're also seeing first-hand how increased customer demand is leading businesses to examine new ways to boost efficiencies.

With our private network, we're delivering all the benefits of lightning-fast mobility without compromising on performance or resilience.

The Next-Generation Shipping Port

Shipping ports are embracing more automation and robotic systems and need a responsive, high-speed network that delivers reliable connectivity throughout the port terminal.

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Enabling Airport Transformation

Digitisation and automation will play a large part in the airport of the future. But for this future to become reality airports need a robust network with consistent connectivity that reaches every corner of the airfield.

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Benefits of private networks

Reliable by design

Resiliency and redundancy are built into every layer of your private network, perfect for your mission-critical applications and machines.

Resiliency and redundancy are built into every layer of your private network, perfect for your mission-critical applications and machines.

Benefit from constant connectivity across your entire campus for your employees and your fast-moving autonomous vehicles or machines.

Rest assured that your data remains on your private network and does not touch the public network at any point.

Your private network is as unique as your business and its performance is customisable to meet your priorities.

With no restrictions on bandwidth or compromises on performance you can implement advanced technologies like autonomous vehicles, robotics and remote-control plant with confidence.

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Insights and articles

Customer story

LTE Network


Customer story:

One of the UK's busiest ports needed a robust, port-wide network that would help it increase operating efficiencies and facilitate the adoption of autonomous vehicles and remote-controlled cranes.

customer story

LTE Network


Customer story:

The world's busiest two-runway airport needed a network that would facilitate collaboration between its teams and guarantee no communication failures to ensure the smooth running of this challenging environment.




IoT in Utilities & Infrastructure

When it comes to IoT for utility and infrastructure companies, smart meters are just the beginning. In this video, two of our IoT experts discuss the rapid transformation that’s changing the industry.

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