CKH IOD UK Limited is a member of the group of companies for which CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd (“CKHH”) is the ultimate parent.

CKHH is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. Subsidiaries of the CKHH Group that operate in the UK are required to ensure that their tax strategy is available to the public free of charge on the internet. CKH IOD UK Limited is fully committed to following the CKHH tax strategy and complying with its statutory tax obligations.

The CKHH tax strategy for the CKHH Group can be found on the website of CKHH here.

The publication of this tax strategy for CKHH is considered as complying with the requirements of Paragraphs 19 of Schedule 19 to Finance Act 2016 for the CKHIOD group for the financial year ending 31 December 2022.